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  • Quartz Glass Lens

    Quartz Glass Lens
    Quartz Glass Lens, Quartz Lens, Optical Lens manufacturer / supplier KINGLUX in China, offering Quartz Glass Lens, Optical Biconcave Lens, BK7 Glass Prisms and so on.
    Product Details:

    Plano-convex lenses are used to collimate diverging light or to focus collimated light.Quartz is well suited for the Ultraviolet (UV).

    Basic Info

    Thickness tolerance----±0.04mm
    Centering tolerance---<1′
    Coating is on request

    What can we do for you ? 

    Kingluxlens provide professional design of optical glass lenses, coating service and all kinds of optical elements processing include mainly high-precision glass prism, filter, rod lens, ball lens, dome lens, cylindrical lens,  micro-lenses, optical sapphire customized components, glass window, spherical lenses and aspheric lenses and infrared materials products.



    Why Us ?

    1. Reasonable quotation. 

    2.Quality assurance.

    3. Timely Delivery.

    4. Convenient logistics services. 

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