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  • Grow Light Led Glass Lens Replaceable

    Grow Light Led Glass Lens Replaceable
    Product Parameters Model:KL-D67-29 LED grow light glass lens Dimension:Φ67×H29mm×ST4mm Beam Angle:70° Compatible Led:10W-100W COB Light Source:Luminous surfaceΦ6~22mm Material:Optical grade high borosilicate glass Transmittance:94% Tolerance:±0.1mm Working Temperature:-50~550℃ Dimension: Photos...
    Product Details:

    Product Parameters

    Model:KL-D67-29  LED grow light glass lens 


    Beam Angle:70° 

    Compatible Led:10W-100W COB 

    Light Source:Luminous surfaceΦ6~22mm 

    Material:Optical grade high borosilicate glass  Transmittance:94% 


    Working Temperature:-50~550℃ 



    Photos of lens:


    Direction for Use

    * Please use some soft paper or pure water to clear the lens;

     * Don't use any industrial solvent to clean the lens surface ;

     * Storage Environment: Temperature 0-40℃, Humidity 30%-95%

     Product Application 


     Recommended Light Source 

    led cob.JPG

    Assembly instructions:

    glass led lens fixing 2.jpg

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