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  • Zhongke Bio-expanding Plant Factory, Planting Technology And Upgrading
    Jul 13, 2018

    At present, many places in the world are using indoor agricultural control environment technology to grow crops. Fujian Province Zhongke Biological Company from Anxi City, Fujian Province, China is improving this technology and hopes to contribute to the future development of Chinese agriculture. .

    According to the Daily Mail, the company recently announced its latest expansion project, based on an indoor high-tech farm that has been developed for about two years.


    According to reports, the farm covers an area of 5,000 square meters and can produce 8-10 tons of vegetables per day, but only needs 4 employees to manage it. Traditional farmland requires about 300 farmers to produce the same amount of food and feed nearly 36,000 people.

    It is understood that the plant factory uses energy-saving LED plant growth lamps as the light source, and uses the refrigeration-heating two-way temperature control and humidity control, light-carbon dioxide coupling photosynthetic and gas fertilizer regulation, nutrient solution online detection and control and other related control subsystems. Real-time monitoring of environmental factors such as temperature, humidity, light, airflow, carbon dioxide concentration and nutrient solution in plant factories to achieve intelligent management and meet the needs of plant health production.

    In 2016, Fujian Sanan Group and the Institute of Botany of the Chinese Academy of Sciences jointly initiated the establishment of “Fujian Zhongke Bio-Tech Co., Ltd.” to build the Zhongke Sanan Plant Factory, using the technology and concept of photobiology to carry out the technology of the plant factory. R&D and industrial applications.

    It is reported that Zhongke Bio's first-generation plant factory is said to be the largest vertical farm in the world at that time, covering an area of 10,000 square meters. According to the latest data, Emirates Airline Catering Company (EKFC) and Crop One Holdings of the United States will jointly build a vertical farm covering an area of 18.11 acres (about 12,073 square meters), which is currently the largest in the world.

    “Compared to our first-generation smart farms, new farms have produced more effective results while reducing labor and environmental costs,” said the head of Zhongke Bio.

    The person in charge explained that its core technology is light technology, light formula and specially developed nutrient solution. “Maximize the growth potential of plants while maintaining a sustainable growth cycle”.

    Foreign media pointed out that traditional farm vegetables take 40 to 60 days to mature according to weather conditions, but Zhongke Bio's plant factory can harvest smaller varieties within 18 days, and can harvest larger in 33 to 35 days. vegetables.

    “This farming method is especially beneficial for deserts, mountain towns or cities with high labor costs,” the official said.

    It is understood that Zhongke Bio will also plan to improve the farm by installing artificial intelligence technology, and record and analyze growth data through sensors to determine the optimal growth conditions for each specific vegetable.