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  • What Are The Advantages Of Glass Lens Designed And Produced By KINGLUX?
    Aug 06, 2018

    1. We can independently research and develop various difficult optical lens products according to the specific needs of customers.

    2. The glass lens products designed and produced by our company are high-quality products with high quality and extremely accurate light distribution.

    (1) All fine materials are used from raw materials.

    (2) The lens is electrically heated. The light transmittance is high, and there is no cutting force and heat of cutting during processing, so deformation and residual stress, work hardening, burrs and the like are not caused.

    (3) The mold adopts imported mold, and the processed lens has high precision.

    (4) KINGLUX glass lens products are optically designed and shipped after being measured by a distributed photometer, integrating sphere, illuminometer and meeting standards.

     At present, KINGLUX glass lens products cover dozens of types of street lamp lenses, industrial and mining lamp lenses, floodlight lenses, floodlight lenses, and lamp lenses.

    If you need to know the light distribution angle, we also have a special light distribution curve for you to understand, but also can simulate the real lighting situation through DIALUX software. If you have any needs, please feel free to contact us.