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  • The World's Leading High-efficiency Green-light Perovskite LED Made In Fujian
    Oct 18, 2018

    The external quantum efficiency of the green visible perovskite LED device reached 20.3%, setting a new world record in the field! The reporter learned from Huaqiao University on the 11th that the team of Professor Wei Zhanhua proposed a new film preparation strategy and optimized the structure of LED devices to produce the world's leading LED devices with high brightness and high quantum conversion efficiency. Significant research progress has been made in the field of perovskite electroluminescence, which has driven China to take an important step towards the development of low-cost display and lighting device industries with independent intellectual property rights. The research results were published on the 11th in the international top academic journal Nature.

    In recent years, the potential application of perovskite materials in the field of electroluminescence has attracted widespread attention, but it is limited by the poor film forming properties of perovskite films and the relatively low fluorescence quantum efficiency. Applications in the display, display, and laser fields have been slow to develop. In order to overcome the above difficulties and improve the electro-optical conversion efficiency of the device, Professor Wei Zhan's team proposed a new thin film preparation strategy: component spatial distribution management, through the construction of a new semi-core shell structure, greatly reducing the non-radiative composite defects in the crystal. The luminescence efficiency of the perovskite film is improved; on the other hand, by inserting the PMMA barrier layer between the luminescent layer and the electron transport layer, the injection speed matching of electrons and holes in the device is effectively improved. Through the above optimization, the obtained perovskite LED device has high external quantum conversion efficiency and good stability. The research results have applied for national and international PCT patents.

    According to Professor Wei Zhanhua, perovskite LEDs are planar self-illuminating devices with advantages of light weight, thin thickness, wide viewing angle, fast response, flexible display, wide temperature range, simple construction and preparation process, etc. Screen display (mobile phone, TV, PC, VR and car equipment, etc.) and green health lighting (no blue light damage) have potential applications.