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  • Street Lamp Production Process And Use
    Oct 13, 2017

    Street lights in our lives is not necessarily less, then we will tell you about the street lights:

    Street lights: the appearance of generous, generally have a number of light sources, generous decent, high lighting, landscape effect is good, is one of the traditional representative of the series.

    Shade for the acrylic cover PC or imported PNNA organic materials, the base is generally aluminum or iron.

    Light pole is generally rolled from Q235 steel, fastener screws, nuts for stainless steel (exposed)


    After the poles are molded, the galvanized and anti-corrosion treatment is carried out. The galvanizing process is pickled, galvanized, washed, phosphated and passivated. The surface is smooth and has no color, and the coating is uniform and has a strong anti-corrosion Performance requirements.

    Galvanized after spraying, to ensure that the plastic layer of color, hardness, adhesion and other technical performance requirements.

    Performance Uses:

    Light source: high wattage energy-saving lamps or high-pressure satisfied lamp, metal halide lamp, irradiation angle, wide range, through the fog strong, uniform illumination, life of up to 50,000 hours, to meet the requirements of Chinese lights scattered lighting