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  • Seoul Semiconductor Innovation LED SunLike Technology Enters Home Market
    Jun 21, 2018

    Seoul Semiconductor Co., Ltd., a leader in the design and manufacture of the LED market, has entered the global home market with its innovative LED technology "SunLike."

    On June 21, 2018, Seoul Semiconductor announced in Ansan, South Korea that South Korean LED company Mimi applied an innovative technology SUNLIKE to the company’s family and will be released in the third quarter.

    SUNLIKE applied to this kind of home is a kind of natural light LED, it can reduce the artificial shortcoming, and utilize natural light to the maximum extent. This is a new generation of light source that combines the latest optical semiconductor technology from Seoul Semiconductor and “TRI-R Technology” from Toshiba Materials Corporation, a solar spectrum technology.

    SUNLIKE is an innovative product that optimizes the balance of the three primary colors of RGB (red, green, and blue), similar to the spectrum of sunlight, and reduces the blue light known to affect physiological effects in LEDs to the level of near sunlight.

    In April of this year, the Institute of Global Health in Barcelona, Spain (ISGlobal) announced that the longer the time for blue light to shoot at night, the more the body's rhythm will be broken, resulting in an increase in the incidence of breast cancer and prostate cancer. The results of this study “assessed the relationship between manual nighttime exposure in Spain and the risk of breast cancer and prostate cancer.”

    Seoul Semiconductor is supplying SunLike products to global LED customers in South Korea, China and Japan to produce home, smart desk lamps and lamps. As a source of light that protects children’s eye health and helps to maintain human circadian rhythms, SunLike will help increase the value of global customers.

    “SunLike's next-generation LED technology has already been applied to families. Its technology has been recognized by consumers and provided consumers with a healthy experience. This is very meaningful.” Minsu Son, vice president of semiconductor marketing at Seoul, said: “ We will continue to provide the best solutions to increase the value of our customers through the development of differentiated, people-oriented light sources."

    At the Edison Awards Ceremony in 2018, SunLike was listed as "Top Ten Must See Products" and its technology was recognized by global experts. In addition, in March this year, it also won the Gold Award for the annual product of Elektronik, the German electronic parts magazine.

    首尔半导体创新LED SunLike技术进入家用市场