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  • Quartz Lens for medical light optical plano-convex lens
    Mar 15, 2018

    Product Description

    • Usage: Optical

    • Shape: Cylindrical Shaped /bi-concave/plano convex

    • Customized: Customized

    • Material: quartz  / silica

    • Dimension: Dia5mm-50mm

    • Surface quality: 60-40

    • Coating: according to your requirements

    The price changes according to different materials, different specs of products, as well as different quantity.
    For exact price of the products that you need, please contact with our sales, you can send your specs or drawings,
    we will quote you the most competitive price as well as the good quality.

    Our Services

       Wuxi Kinglux Glass Lens Co.,Ltd undertakes sample custom mold and designs LED secondary optics according to customer’s requirement, meanwhile providing glass lens coating, sandblasting, screen printing and other deep-processing services.