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  • Packaging Technology Trends And Strategic Layout In The LED Industry
    Nov 21, 2018

    This year, the downstream demand of the LED industry market is strong, specifically concentrated in the outdoor lighting, the travel industry, sports three major downstream industries, driving the steady growth of the entire LED industry. Smart cities and smart lighting are coming, and domestic and foreign manufacturers are laying out in this area.

    Lumileds, the world's leading LED lighting equipment manufacturer, has been operating independently since last year. How do they maintain their leading position in the industry and the wind vane this year? What kind of development strategy will be developed in the future development of new products and technologies? Aladdin News Center reporters were fortunate to have a conversation about the LED industry layout and future trends with Mr. Steve Barlow, Senior Vice President of Lumileds Lighting Business, and Mr. Xie Wenfeng, Vice President of Asia Pacific.

    Aladdin: Can you briefly talk about the development and industry dynamics of Lumileds this year?

    Lumileds: This year Lumileds has been focusing on the field of stadium lighting, including high-power LEDs for outdoor and landscape lighting. Lumileds in the Hong Kong show also saw many businesses pushing the stadium to illuminate this sector, which is a hot market.

    Aladdin: At present, the lighting application of stadiums is getting more and more fire. It is understood that Lumileds also has such products. Can you say what the requirements for stadium lighting for Lumileds products? What are the characteristics of Lumileds products?

    Lumileds: Lumileds is currently focusing on CSP in the field of stadium lighting. The quality of light plays an important role in stadium lighting, which requires Lumileds to strictly control the quality of light. We use CSP technology to control the quality of light control and make standards for lighting standards. As an industry leader, we will drive the entire market.

    In terms of products, Lumileds has made breakthroughs in light distribution and light quality, and to achieve precise lighting, which is Lumileds' leading position in all leading companies in the industry.

    Aladdin: Can you tell us about Lumileds' product applications and product line layout for stadium lighting?

    Lumileds: Lumileds currently has two product lines in the field of stadium lighting, one is CSP, we have launched LUXEON V and LUXEON V2, 2 square millimeters and 4 square millimeters CSP high power products, which are used in stadium lighting and Lighting around the court and outdoors. The other is the LUXEON 5050, a high-power LED product with a multi-module package that provides a high lumen output with a small illuminated surface for directional illumination for different applications. Lumileds' entire product line is very Perfect and complete.

    Aladdin: Is it common to see whether outdoor lighting products are the same as stadium lighting products?

    Lumileds: Not the same, in the landscape lighting and architectural lighting Lumileds has LUXEON C, LUXEON CZ color product line, the upcoming LUXEON 2835 color is also applied in landscape lighting. The stadium lighting has more professional LUXEON 2 square millimeter products. Although they are different products, they can actually cooperate with each other.

    Aladdin: We have just talked about the hot topic of outdoor landscape lighting in the past two years, and the landscape lighting field is also one of Lumileds' main products. What are the outstanding advantages of Lumileds in the current fierce competition in landscape lighting?

    Lumileds: From the two points of view of landscape lighting, one is Lumileds' LUXEON C and LUXEON 2835 professional line of products for landscape lighting applications. The other is LUXEON CZ color, a lensless product that is not currently seen by competitors in the landscape lighting industry. Lumileds values the company's innovative technology and patent layout.

    Therefore, the advantage of Lumileds is that it can provide customers with professional and accurate product services under any circumstances, and is also in a leading position in technology research and development.

    Aladdin: Will Lumileds continue to advance the landscape lighting market in the next year or in the next few years, adding more products in the field of landscape lighting?

    Lumileds: Outdoor landscape lighting is one of the company's key areas. In the landscape lighting, Lumileds will be doing small LED high-current drive in the next few years. Future product development and patent layout will also be in line with this direction.

    Aladdin: Lumileds' brand and technology have far-reaching influence. In addition to the above-mentioned sports field lighting and landscape lighting, we will focus on other areas of products and technologies in future research and development. In other fields, What are the layouts and plans?

    Lumileds: Lumileds has five major areas of focus lighting development: landscape lighting, stage lighting, plant lighting, high-end commercial lighting, stadium lighting. The new area added this year is human-induced lighting. With the development of technology and market demand, smart cities and smart lighting are the current and future lighting industry hotspots. Lumileds as the industry wind direction leader, human lighting is bound to be the future Lumileds The focus of the plate.

    Aladdin: When it comes to human lighting, we will inevitably talk about smart lighting. Where is the focus of Lumileds? What practical application cases are there?

    Lumileds: When it comes to smart lighting, it's still people-oriented. The relationship between lighting and smart lighting is inseparable. Lumileds and many partners have focused human lighting on three areas: education, office lighting and home lighting. In the controllability of the product's light efficiency and color, Lumileds cooperates with the control-side manufacturers in the United States, focusing on the regulation and reliability of product performance, making customization and capacity greater. Accurate and professional technology meets the people-oriented concept of healthy lighting.

    Aladdin: At the moment, no matter which industry is inevitably affected by the Sino-US trade war, is Lumileds affected? If so, is there any countermeasure?

    Lumileds: Because most of Lumileds' industrial layout is mainly concentrated in the research and development of technology innovation, the production of product lines will also select suitable production sites according to local conditions, and the negative impact will be less. The industrial layout in China will not be adjusted accordingly. We observed that the Sino-US trade war has affected more and more middle and downstream lighting companies and lighting manufacturers in the LED industry, resulting in a decline in the export volume of these lighting manufacturers, and the overall market demand has decreased. However, Lumileds believes that China's lighting industry has a solid industrial base. With the joint efforts of industry manufacturers, Lumileds will try its best to cooperate and help to maintain the stable and sustainable development of the lighting industry.