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  • OSRAM And Paradox Launch Smart New Project
    Jun 25, 2018

    OSRAM and Paraox Engineering SA, a wireless sensor network technology company, have launched an outdoor smart pilot project in St. Gallen, northeast of Switzerland. It is expected that LED devices will be installed in the city, as well as a remote control system.

    In cooperation with the utility and public engineering company St. Gallen Stadtwerke, OSRAM provided 60 SL20 LED devices and took the lead in the local Oberstrasse Street. This LED system, combined with Paradox Engineering wireless network, performs remote monitoring via its PE Smart Urban Network platform. After installation, St. Gallen Stadtwerke can manage all fixtures in the pilot area from the web-based console. The operator can adjust single or multiple LED street lights to centrally control the city by time and by region and track the status of the street lights at any time.

    Paradox Engineering has advanced R&D capabilities and marketing experience in RF and ultra-low power design as well as network design, network construction and management. It is reported that OSRAM and Paradox have cooperated for many years, which will enable OSRAM to have the opportunity to turn the public infrastructure into a smart city network to support and manage multiple city services.

    At the same time, sensors integrated in the luminaire can be controlled autonomously. According to the degree of road traffic congestion, street lights will automatically adjust the lights dark, such as at night without vehicles and pedestrians, you can dim the lights to reduce energy consumption. Compared with traditional street lamps, this system can save 65% of power consumption.

    Urs Etter, public head of St. Gallen Stadtwerke, said: “The street lights have a direct influence on the attractiveness of the city, so we are looking for the best possible balance between saving energy, reducing emissions and saving money, and guaranteeing quality of life and public safety. In recent years, we have been investing in LED systems and we are proud to adopt this dynamic and intelligent solution that will further improve our sustainability performance."

    Back to the technology, Paradox connects SSL products based on open standards. The company is a pioneer in smart city applications. The company typically relies on the IEEE 802.15.4 wireless physical layer (PHY) widely used in IoT applications and is the PHY specified in the ZigBee standard. But Paradox uses Internet Protocol (IP)—especially IPv6-based 6LoWPAN (through low-power wireless personal area networks)—to send commands and retrieve operational data. Paradox supports intelligent, smart parking, smart metering, smart waste processing systems and electric vehicle charging pile management and security monitoring IP cameras, traffic flow monitoring, public Wi-Fi hotspots and other urban applications.

    The system was tested in the city of St. Gallen and it is likely to be applied in other smart cities in the future.