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  • Mini LED Is Currently Facing Problems Such As Yield, And This Year's Contribution To Revenue Is Not High
    Jun 23, 2018

    Mini LED and VCSEL are the subject of high hopes for the market. Jing Mingjun, general manager of Jingdian, said that Mini LED is currently facing yield, repair and cost issues, and its progress is slower than expected. This year's revenue contribution to Jingdian is still not high.

    Although the Mini LED is the predecessor of the Micro LED, it can be used as a training phase. However, due to the shrinking chip size, mass production still faces a learning curve. Jing Mingjun, general manager of Crystal Power, said after the shareholders meeting yesterday that the Mini LED has touched various customers, but the most Faced with the problem of yield, patching and cost issues after the start of production, Jingdian hopes to provide customers with a total solution this year, rather than just providing LED chips.

    As for the quaternary LED and traditional blue LED, the current red LED is full, the overall quaternary LED revenue has reached 35%, and is expected to rise to 40% in the second half of the year; LED backlighting is expected to recover in August. The operating conditions in July are not much different from those in June.