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  • Light Index Shows The New Effect Of Poverty Alleviation
    Oct 28, 2018

    As a representation of human production and life behavior, the brightness of nighttime lighting reflects the level of economic development and growth rate of the region to a certain extent. The larger the value of the "light index", the higher the brightness of the area and the more economic activity. At the same time, this index is also strongly related to the urbanization rate and urbanization level of a region.

    Last week, the National Information Center released the "Big Data to See the New Era of Reform and Opening" report, and comprehensively combed and analyzed the changes in social and economic development in the 40 years of reform and opening up from the perspective of big data. Among them, the writing team introduced the new indicator of “light index” for the first time. Through the observation of the change of the area and brightness of the light plaque, it vividly demonstrated the new achievements of China's poverty alleviation.

    The data show that compared with 2013, the light index growth rate of 809 poverty-stricken counties in China was 48% in 2017, the growth rate of light index in non-poor counties was 28.9%, and the growth rate of light index in poor counties was 1.66 times that in non-poor areas. At the same time, the growth rate of light plaque in poor counties across the country is 1.42 times that of non-poor areas.

    The growth of the “light index” of poverty-stricken counties confirms the achievements of China's poverty alleviation work in the past five years. On October 17, on the occasion of the Fifth National Poverty Alleviation Day, the State Council Poverty Alleviation Office announced that 85 poverty-stricken counties in China have achieved poverty alleviation. This is the fourth batch of poverty-stricken counties that have declared poverty alleviation since China’s fight against poverty. It is also the largest number. So far, the total number of poverty-stricken capping counties in China has reached 153.