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  • LG Innotek Sues US Companies For Infringing Their UV LED Patents
    Aug 03, 2018

    Recently, LG Innotek filed a patent infringement lawsuit against Evergreat, a US manufacturer of UV nail dryers (Nail Dryer), to strengthen the protection of UV LED technology.

    LG Innotek filed a lawsuit against the Northern District Court of Northern California and the Central District Court of California in the United States on the 25th local time, accusing Evergreat of infringing its patented UV LED technology. This is the first time LG Innotek has filed a patent lawsuit against UV LED products.

    The lawsuit alleged that the 10 models of UV nail dryers sold by Evergreat illegally used the LG Innotek chip design patent. LG Innotek filed a ban on sales for these products and filed a claim lawsuit.

    The UV Nail Dryer is a device that is used to quickly dry the nails after applying nail polish to the nails and nails of the hands. It takes advantage of the chemical reaction of ultraviolet light with specific substances. UV LEDs are widely used as high performance and high security light sources.

    Evergreat is a California-based company that is known by the "Melodysusie" brand in the market.

    LG Innotek sent a patent infringement warning letter to Evergreat in January last year and asked for a license. However, Evergreat did not respond to the negotiation request, so LG Innotek filed the lawsuit.

    LG Innotek said it will strengthen the monitoring of patent infringement of UV LEDs, seriously deal with improper patent use and comprehensively protect intellectual property rights. The reason is that LG Innotek is ahead of the international UV LED market, and cases that mimic its core technology may increase.


    LG Innotek's UV LED Package

    LG Innotek is at the forefront of expanding the market by introducing high-quality UV LEDs for various wavelengths such as hardening-exposure, sterilization, and plant growth. Last year, it developed its exclusive R&D capability by developing the world's largest UV LED with 100 mW of sterilization.

    The patenter Kim Jin-hyun said: "We have independently developed UV LED core technology through continuous investment and years of research," and said that "it will seriously deal with improper patent infringement of competing companies."

    Market research firm Yole Developpement pointed out that the global UV LED market will expand sevenfold from 2016 to $151.9 million to $1.117 billion in 2021. The market prospects of UV LEDs are expected to attract many companies and the number of patent disputes has increased. Just a few days ago, Japanese UV LED maker Nitride Semiconductors sued another UV LED solution company, RayVio, and its distributor Digi-Key Corp in Tokyo District Court for infringing its UV LED Japanese patent. Nitride Semiconductors and RayVio are well-known UV LED manufacturers.