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  • LED Lights Need Waterproof, Anti-corrosion
    Oct 13, 2017

    Because LED lights work environment are outdoors, wind and rain, so the LED lights of the material is best to waterproof, put the corrosion. LED poles with anti-corrosion surface using hot-dip zinc spray treatment, corrosion quality in line with the provisions of which the average thickness of hot-dip zinc layer is not less than 85μm, LED poles should be used high-quality outdoor pure polyester plastic powder, the average thickness ≥ 100μm , Spray layer uniform, complete, smooth surface, its adhesion to meet the relevant standards.

    LED poles below the door and the poles parallel to the poles parallel to the ground 400mm high open 320mm × 120mm access door, door welding terminal; door and door cover the edge of smooth, door and door hole assembly and door clearance Not more than 2mm, the door is interchangeable, and has an effective and reliable anti-theft measures.