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  • LED Lights In The Installation Of The Need To Pay Attention To The Place
    Oct 13, 2017

    Street lights and our lives are closely related, in addition to ordinary street lights, more and more LED lights into our lives, in the installation of LED lights on our attention to some of the details. Disassembly and assembly of solar LED lights. Disassembly locations should be located near the installation site for easy assembly after shipment. Try to avoid working on rainy days.

    Inventory the lights according to the shipping list. Disassemble and check the packing list one by one check the parts and check for any bumps, wear, deformation and scratches and other damage. Light pole components and wear parts (such as solar modules, lamp holders, etc.) must be placed in a soft pad with soft pad to avoid the installation process to cause scratches and other unnecessary damage. When the lower pole assembly is placed, it is required to have an iron frame at its upper end to facilitate the installation of the pole assembly.