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  • 2017 Lighting Industry Exports
    Jun 04, 2018

    In 2017, China's lighting industry achieved sales of 580 billion yuan and exported 41.2 billion dollars, of which light source products (8539) exported 3.35 billion dollars, and lighting lamps (9405) exported 28.5 billion dollars. The industry imports 2.67 billion U.S. dollars, including electric light source products (8539) 640 million U.S. dollars; lighting products (9405) 470 million U.S. dollars; lighting electrical industry-related products (8515, 8513), mainly including motor vehicle lighting devices and signals. Devices, etc., import 1.5 billion US dollars. In addition, the LED lighting lighting industry upstream raw material components products, light-emitting diodes (85414010), the import amount of 6.27 billion US dollars.

    China is a global manufacturing and exporting country of lighting electrical products. In the past two years, the global lighting industry has undergone significant changes. Philips, Osram, GE and other international lighting giants have adjusted the composition of the lighting business, cut the corresponding business segments to different extents and sold them, cutting down the production capacity of general lighting products. In terms of general lighting products, it is more dependent on imports from countries with production advantages such as China, and China has obvious advantages in the production of general consumer lighting products and foreign trade. The current reduction in import tariffs on consumer goods will not have a significant impact on the development of the lighting industry in China.

    However, it should also be noted that at present, China has not yet become a manufacturing powerhouse for lighting electrical products. On the one hand, although China's lighting and electrical product manufacturing enterprises have greatly improved their product technology and quality in recent years, they have not yet fully met the needs of high-end markets, such as stadiums, museums, airports, and cities in major events. Street lighting and control, etc., imported lighting electrical products still have a greater market competitiveness. On the other hand, with the development of LED lighting technology, the integration of light sources and lamps is an obvious development trend; with the increase in the level of residential consumption, intelligent products, functional lighting that meets the physiological needs of the human body, as well as scientific research, The market for products for special applications such as medical and vehicle lighting will also grow. This is also the direction in which our production companies need to focus and deepen their cultivation. China's lighting industry has a certain gap with the international level in terms of product design and brand building. The competitiveness of the international market still needs to be improved.