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  • Lens For Led Street Light

    Lens For Led Street Light
    lens for LED street light KL-SL107-87-46 Lens Parameters : Model : KL-SL107-87-46 Type: Type ⅡShort Typical efficiency: 94% FWHM: 160°x80° Asymmetric Angle: 15° LED: 30~200w Luminous Surface:Φ22~30,24x24~27x27mm LxWxH: 107x87x30.6mm Material:Borosilicate Glass Tolerance:± 0.2mm Working...
    Product Details:

      lens for LED street light  KL-SL107-87-46 

    SL107-87-46  12_副本.jpg

     Lens Parameters :

     Model : KL-SL107-87-46 

     Type: Type ⅡShort     

     Typical efficiency: 94%

     FWHM: 160°x80°

    SL107-87-46 light distribution.jpg


     Asymmetric Angle: 15°

     LED: 30~200w

     Luminous Surface:Φ22~30,24x24~27x27mm

     LxWxH: 107x87x30.6mm

    SL107-87-46 SIZE.jpg

     Material:Borosilicate Glass

     Tolerance:± 0.2mm

     Working Temp:-50~550℃

     Usage:  glass lens is mainly used in street light

    lens for LED street lighting

    Light distribution curve

    SL107-87-46 IES.jpg

    direction of fixing lens:



    Q1 How to have my components quoted?

    A1: Please contact us via trade manager or Email and send us your drawings inclusive of 2D and 3D(.STEP or .IGES files) and detail requirements. Our engineering team will work on them and submit a competitive quotation to you.

    Q2 What is the lead time for tooling and samples fabrication?

    A2: The exact lead time depends on your parts specification.

        The normal lead time is 40-45days for tooling fabrication and samples.

        If the tooling is not required, the lead time for samples is 15days normally.

    Q3 Can I have prototypes for testing before tooling?

    A3: Yes, our factory has a team to support prototypes with machining process to fabricate them for your testing.

    Q4 How to ship the samples and production order?

    A4: We will normally ship samples via DHL, UPS, or FedEx via our cooperated forwarder of freight collect. For the shipping of production order, it will be by sea or by air.

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