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  • Led Optics Design 102MM Streetlight Lens

    Led Optics Design 102MM Streetlight Lens
    Product Parameters Model:KL-SL102-65 Dimension:L102.0mm×W65.0mm×H31.5mm×ST5.0mm Compatible Led:30W-100W COB Light Source:Rectangular shape LED 15×15~22×22mm Material:Optical grade high borosilicate glass Transmittance:94% Tolerance:±0.1mm Working Temperature:-50~550℃ Feature Suitable for one...
    Product Details:

    Product Parameters



    Compatible Led:30W-100W COB 

    Light Source:Rectangular shape LED 15×15~22×22mm 

    Material:Optical grade high borosilicate glass  Transmittance:94% 


    Working Temperature:-50~550℃ 


    Suitable for one side lamp, two side lamp

    High brightness uniformity

    Optical indicators are better than the market similar products

    KINGLUX glass lens advantage

    The productive process is in clean production workshop. Electric heating and infrared heating are adopted in the whole set of automatic molding equipment and annealing equipment , to ensure the quality and accuracy of the lens surface. We never use fake and inferior products manufacturing technique such as gas heating and gas polishing.

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