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  • Wuxi Kinglux Glass Lens Co.Ltd
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  • 50W 100W 150W LED Street Light Glass Lens (107MM series) from manufacturer kingluxlens

    50W 100W 150W LED Street Light Glass Lens (107MM series) from manufacturer kingluxlens
    IP66 led glass lenses for LED Street Light, LED Road Light, LED Parking Light from manufacturer kingluxlens
    Product Details:

    Basic Info

    Tempered Glass lens Type I, Type II, Type III optics for different width road lighting

    Glass lens advantage

    1.Excellent transparency, low absorption of light, high optical efficiency up to 99%

    2.High efficiency in light utilization,long life time 

    3.Clear and transparent, never get yellow,No birefringence

    4.High temperature resistant and high flexibility at low temperatures (–50°C to 550°C)

    5.Lower maintenance charges 

    Company Information

    Our factory is a professional manufacturer of glass optical element since 1985.         

    The optical element has spherical lens, aspherical lens, cylindrical lens, free-form surface lens, prism, cone mirror, light pipe, window glass sheet.            

    Our niche is, we have cold glass grinding and glass heat moulding two kinds of production process lines with expertise of producing many years.            

    We have hundreds of mature led glass optics such as LED street light lens, LED mining lamp lens, LED stage lights all kinds of LED lighting glass lenses.

    Anything glass optics needed please do not hesitate to contact at info@kingluxlens.com.


    Tel:  +86 510 82123195

    Fax:  +86 510 84602998


    Add: No.27,Changjiang North Rd,New Area,Wuxi,JS,China

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