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  • High Power LED Light glass lens Reflector

    High Power LED Light glass lens Reflector
    Product Description 1.Features 1.1 Long Lifespan:Work more than 3 years normally. 1.2 Temperature range: -50 oC~+550 ℃ 2.Specifications Model : KL-D85-30-2RC TIR LED glass lens Typical efficiency: 90% FWHM: 10°~30° Light distribution curve LED: 10~100w Luminous Surface: Φ16~34mm DIAxH: 85x29mm...
    Product Details:

    Product Description

    1.1 Long Lifespan:Work more than 3 years normally.
    1.2 Temperature range: -50 oC~+550


     Model : KL-D85-30-2RC   TIR LED glass lens

    KL-D85-30-2RC 22 (4)small.jpg

     Typical efficiency: 90%

     FWHM: 10°~30°

                                        Light distribution curve

    D85-30-2RC,, CXA3070,,006_副本.jpg

     LED: 10~100w

     Luminous Surface: Φ16~34mm

     DIAxH: 85x29mm

    D85-30-2RC SIZE.jpg

     Material:Borosilicate Glass

     Tolerance:± 0.25mm

     Usage: glass lens is mainly used in LED light

    Waterproof: IP68

    Trademark: KINGLUX

    Origin: Mainland China

    HS Code: 9001909090

    3.FAQ for led light lenses:

    Q:Do you have catalog?what the material you will use?

    A:Yes,We'd like to send you catalog.we use Glass material.

    Q:What details you need from us to reference lens?

    A:Pls offer beam angle ,size , as well as led source.

    Q:Do you need to know the application?

    A:Yes, and if you know the size and beam angle will be more helpful.

    Q:I didn't find the lenses in your website, does all your lenses on website?

    A:No,we have so many kinds of lenses, just part of lens showing in website.contact us for more.

    Q:Will you offer samples for us to test before order?

    A:Yes, we advise you to try the led glass lens samples first .

    Q:I don't know much about the lens i need,can you help this?

    A:Yes, we have professional engineers will be here to help you.

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