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  • LED Glass Lens For Vero29 Gen7 Leds Diameter 100mm

    LED Glass Lens For Vero29 Gen7 Leds Diameter 100mm
    KL-HB100-90 lens Product Paramters
    Product Details:

     Product Paramters

    Type efficiency
    Weight215(glass lens)+53(sus holder)+9(silicone gasket)=277g



      Beam Angle120 Degree, 90 degree is also available

    Optical grade glass

      Compatible LedCree 3590 3070,VERO  29, clu048,clu058
    Light Distribution Curve light distribution (1).jpg


    The installation steps are as follows:

    1. Fix the light source on the heat sink of the lamp;

    2. Welding the connection line to the positive and negative pole of the light source;

    3. The optical part (lens, apron, pressure frame) is combined and fixed to the radiator, so as to realize the light distribution of the light source.

    company feature:

    1) we can provide technical and professional optical system

    2) we can supply the lens with advanced optical technology

    3) we can offer lens group with different optical lens

    4) we can provide optical lens with accessories.

    kinglux company .jpg

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