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  • When installing the street light, select the installer with low power consumption
    Oct 13, 2017

    We should install the street when the low power consumption of the controller, the controller 24 hours without interruption, such as its own power consumption, it will consume part of the power, the best choice of power consumption below 3 mA controller The In the case of

    To select the controller with high charging efficiency, the controller with strong charge, balanced charge and floating charge is controlled by MCU, which can always charge the battery with the maximum power, especially in the winter Or under-lighting period, the use of MCU intelligent control of the charging mode than non-MCU intelligent controller about 20% higher efficiency.

    With high-precision control, high-precision product design is a comprehensive embodiment of the material is also a good expression of material, but also the embodiment of the production process. Non-high-precision control of the solar street light controller is often due to product design is unreasonable, poor selection of materials such as the use of high repair rate, poor reliability, low market prices.