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  • TIR Optics
    Mar 27, 2018

    Total Internal Reflection (TIR) optics, or lenses, are generally injection molded from polymers and use a refractive lens inside a reflector. They are typically cone shaped and can have very high efficiencies in reflecting and controlling the LEDs light spread. They typically work so that the lens directs light from the how TIR LED optics workcenter of the emitter to the reflector, which then sends it out in a collimated and controlled beam, whether narrow, wide, whatever your choice.

    There is an additional surface over the assembly that provides more opportunity to modify the light. These surface treatments (ripple, frosted, polished, etc.) diffuse the light, widen the beam or shape the distribution.

    image.pngTIR optics really work well with LEDs as they take advantage of emitters characteristics. Other forms of light radiate heat outward, whereas LEDs send heat out their base which allows these TIR optics to fit snug and totally surround the domed top. This allows a lot more control as they are illuminating and controlling literally straight from the light source.

    TIR Optics are used a lot in outdoor lighting and have made big steps in indoor applications as well. They are ideal for narrow beam control but don’t work as well when emphasis is on diffused light and low glare.