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  • There are several ways to control the street light
    Oct 13, 2017

    The street light is an automatic control of the working system, as long as the system set the work mode will automatically control the work. Control mode is generally divided into three kinds: light control start, light control off; timing control start and timing control off; light control start, timing control off, we generally selected the mode of work, the light in the sun low to the set value The sensor controls the start-up lamp and starts timing. When the time to set the time to stop working. The system of solar cells have two roles: First, in the day for the battery charge; Second, do light control sensors, with RC components charge discharge. We generally use 18 watt or 36 watt low pressure sodium lamp as a light source, because its light efficiency in the light source in the highest. Street lights are ideal for road lighting, and as people's lives improve and society continues to evolve, it will be widely used to give the sun the light of the earth to light at night for human lighting.