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  • The LED optic type
    May 09, 2018

    As the LED light source is very punctual, it is possible to focus the light very strongly by using an additional lens. This lens is called an optic. To limit flux loss, it is made of a highly transparent material: glass,PMMA, silicone… Using an optic in this way multiplies the possibilities of the LED itself. 

    Circular beam

    The optic converges the LED light in a narrower or wider angle, between 6° and 52° in LEC products. The beam is 360° symmetrical in the LEC axis.







    Elliptical beam

    The optic spreads out the beam widthwise. This makes it an ellipse. The beam is narrowed in one direction and opened out in the other. It works particularly well for wall-washing.









    Peripheral emission

    The optic allows the light to no longer by in the axis of the LED, but at 360° around the lamp. This type of lens is used particularly for pedestrian paths.







    Lateral emission