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  • Street lights in different forms
    Oct 13, 2017

    Street lights in different forms, but the most common, that is, the most practical function is lighting. Therefore, the street is generally set in the street is white, early style may be orange. This may be incandescent, incandescent lamp is relatively early lights, which is a tungsten wire, the current through the tungsten when the energy into light energy and heat. But we use the street light is mainly the use of light, heat is a loss. In the later invention of the LED lights to solve this problem, it is cold light. As the name suggests, Lengguang no heat, energy has been fully utilized, there is a benefit of cold light is the intensity of light is relatively large, the brightness is also more suitable for use.

    Street lights in addition to the function of lighting, there are decorative landscaping purposes, so there have been a variety of shapes of various colors of the street. Many are the shape of flowers, there are small animals, as well as other, are modeling chic, some elegant and simple, some lively and lovely.