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  • Signal poles LED lamps cooling problem to explain
    Oct 13, 2017

    The use of signal poles, greatly reducing the generation of various traffic problems, to ensure that people travel safety. In the use of today's signal poles, in order to ensure its life, and now its lamps are generally used are LED lamps, the following we mainly for the cooling of the lamp for the lamp to do a note, to understand the lamp it

    LED lamps are called cold light sources, meaning that their spectra do not have as much infrared as the incandescent spectrum, especially the hot "baked" near infrared. Although the overall power of LED lamps is not large, but converted into unit volume of heat, but far more than other light sources. To determine whether a light source is heating, depending on how much of its input energy into visible light, how much into the heat. The more energy that becomes visible, the less heat. If you can do all the energy into visible light, then the LED lights will no longer distribute heat.

    Of course, drive power will have a small amount of heat distribution, this part of the heat compared with the LED lamps is very small. LED lamps are the semiconductor devices that convert electrical energy into light energy. At present, high-power LED lamps will be converted into light the efficiency of about 30%, the remaining 70% have turned into heat. So much heat if not timely out, not only to reduce the luminous efficiency of LED lamps, shorten the service life, serious will burn the LED chip P-N knot, so that the lamp damage.