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  • Select the LED lights to pay attention to the details
    Oct 13, 2017

    We should pay attention to these places when we choose LED lights. 1, poles main bar according to the drawings, galvanized square tube, wall thickness 3.5mm. Light source power: LED30W.

    2, the poles part of the whole full welding, welding uniform and solid, the welding quality to meet the requirements, no impact strength of the cracks, slag, welding tumor, burn through, crater, no wrinkles and interruption and other defects.

    3, the allowable deviation of the poles should meet the following specifications: ① length allows the deviation of the length of ± 0.5%; ② shaft straightness allowable error <1 ‰; ③ shaft cross-section diameter, diagonal or margin Allow the deviation should be ± 1%; ④ lamp arm elevation tolerance should be ± 1%.