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  • Relationship between the lens' effective diameter and the Light Unit's installation distance * Reference value
    Mar 27, 2018

    What is the effective diameter for the lens in the conditions on the left?

    What is the longest distance where the most efficient brightness
    can be achieved for the emitting width (short side) of each Light Unit?
    ⇒Find it using similar relationships

    For both the above Light Units, if the Light Unit is farther than the distance above, it will be darker, but if the Light Unit is closer than the distance above, there will be virtually no change in the brightness. (However, this assumes that the inspected item is limited to something transparent where the illuminated light can be observed directly. This cannot be applied to an inspected item with a possibility for diffusion.)
    Also, if the lens in use or the F-stop changes, various conditions such as the effective diameter and WD change. Therefore, please consider this only as a reference value under certain conditions. Furthermore, the camera's pixel size is a large factor regarding brightness.