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  • Reflector for led light
    Mar 28, 2018

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    Reflectors are easier to implement and cost much less to manufacture than TIR optics. How well they collect and collimate the light depends on their shape. Sometimes they are also used with different finishes to add a texture to the light or diffuse it. Often the physical size of light sources limit the optical options. With chip-on board (COB) arrays or emitters, they emit such a large area that the only real solution is to surround them with a reflector.

    Reflectors are used in the majority of incandescent lights, but with LEDs there is one key disadvantage: the majority of light rays coming from the center of the emitter pass out of the system without even touching the reflector. This means that even with a narrow reflective system, a significant portion of the light strays wide of the target. This results in lost lumen output or creates an unwanted glare.Reflectors light distribution

    This is why it has become common, especially with the improvements on high lumen-density emitters, to envelope it in a TIR lens to guide pretty much all of the light toward the target.

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