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  • Monitoring rod production design specification specification
    Oct 13, 2017

    1, the monitoring rod is used for outdoor surveillance camera installation of the column bracket road monitoring is usually used to raise the height of 6 meters arm 1 meter to produce. No special circumstances all the monitoring rod embedded concrete concrete C25 concrete, with the GB and meet the requirements of the wind. Which cement for the 425 ordinary Portland cement. The proportion of concrete and the minimum amount of cement should be consistent with the provisions of GBJ204-83;

    2, the monitoring rod must have a good grounding the best lead into the ground (the proposed conductive does not take the rod), the grounding resistance is less than 4 Europe;

    3, the embedded part of the anchor bolt flange above the thread dressing good to prevent damage to the thread. According to the installation plan of the embedded parts, the monitoring rod is embedded correctly, so that the direction of the extension of the arm is perpendicular to the traffic lane (or as required by the engineer)