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  • Make the relevant specification of the monitoring rod
    Oct 13, 2017

    Monitoring rod security products gradually become a new rural highlights, rural urbanization of the strong development, led the monitoring of pole and other security products, has become one of the hottest products in the small towns you can see it in the shadow. Then the monitoring rod in the production of what kind of normative knowledge?

    Monitoring rod production specifications:

    1, material: monitoring pole steel material for the international safety low-carbon low-carbon high-strength q235, wall thickness "4mm, bottom flange thickness" 14mm.

    2, design: monitoring pole structure and infrastructure size calculation, according to the customer to determine the appearance of the shape and manufacturers of structural parameters by seismic 5, 8 wind resistance fortification.

    3, the welding process: should be used for welding, the entire rod without any leakage welding, weld formation, without any welding defects.

    4, spray technology: galvanized passivation treatment, spray adhesion is good, thickness ≥ 80μm. Spray the use of imported high-quality plastic powder. Meet the astm d3359-83 standard.

    5, rod body perception: shape and size in line with user requirements, modeling smooth and harmonious, nice, uniform color, steel pipe diameter selection reasonable. Monitoring pole for the cylindrical structure, round rod any section without a round.

    With the people for the safety of attention, in the near future, belong to the monitoring rod, signal pole and other security products will come. Whether it is a big city, or small and medium-sized cities and towns in rural areas, the direction of development are high safety factor, information service perfect city, so monitoring lever and other security products has become the preferred element of development.

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