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  • LEDs vs CFLs
    Mar 20, 2018

    LEDs get better yields for the same amount of electricity than CFLs. This is because LEDs are much more efficient (produce more light for the same amount of electricity)

    Unlike CFLs, LEDs don't need to be adjusted almost daily

    LEDs give off less heat than a CFL setup with the same amount of electricity, and LEDs also come with additional cooling options like heatsinks and built-in fans, which pushes all the heat up and away from the plants, making it easier for growers to maintain comfortable temperatures.

    LEDs need to be kept much further away from plants than CFLs, which means that CFLs are better suited to short grow spaces without a lot of available height. LED grow lights generally need to be kept 12-18+" away from the tops of plants, while CFLs can be kept just a few inches away.

    Growing cannabis with CFL grow lights vs Growing cannabis with LED grow lights