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  • LED – the technology of the future
    Apr 09, 2018

    LED stands for trail-blazing innovations and technological change. Supporting the change to LED lighting systems which are powerful, flexible and easy to install. LED opens up possibilities which were inconceivable a few years ago: With its innovations, LED technology requires a change in thinking by planners, installers and users. Decisive advantages are being produced for user and industry.

    Here is a short summary, with a glance into the future:

    Efficiency of light sources

    LED makes life more worthwhile and sustainable

    Whether it be for street lighting, lighting in the automotive and home sectors or for advertising, LEDs can be used in a versatile, efficient way. They offer numerous advantages over other lighting technologies. Very long operating life, excellent color saturation and great efficiency are only a few of these advantages.

    News & Knowledge: basic knowledge of LED

    Easy lighting management at home

    The very long life cycle, easy lighting control opportunities and new designs with colored or white light makes LED a more decorative and efficient highlight at home. In the future, it will no longer be necessary to buy individual lamps. The consumer decides on a LED luminaire which will remain in his home for a long time. Attractive design coupled with low power consumption is exactly what is important for the user. As a result of the variety of design, and the LED's dynamic adaptation of the light, the importance of good light planning at home also increases.

    Dynamic adaptation of light for increased quality of life

    Numerous tests and studies prove the following: Different situations in daily life require different lighting scenarios. Thus neutral white light with a high proportion of blue increases concentration at work, whereas warm white light creates a convivial atmosphere, in bars, for example. The use of light management systems that are able to interact extremely effectively with LEDs facilitates lighting control to suit the requirements. Whether it be in the office, in a shop or in industry - LEDs help to improve quality of life.

    LED lamps' long operating life can replace extensive standardization

    Within conventional lighting technologies, each lamp undergoes a standardization process. This is extremely important for the upgrading market since the luminaire's operating life mostly surpasses the life of the lamp.

    On the other hand, a standardization process will not be necessary for end users of LED luminaires in future. The reasons are as follows: Firstly, the LED operating life is considerably longer than it is the case with conventional lighting technologies. Secondly, customers benefit from one of the most effective guarantees for light sources in the world: The LEDVANCE System+ Guarantee. In the future, it will thus often be more reasonable for the consumer to replace the complete luminaire, instead of individual components.

    For the manufacturers, however, standardization continues to make sense, as demonstrated by the activities of the Zhaga consortium for the standardization of LED light engines. Applications in which the luminaire's operating life outlasts the LED's operating life or where considerable savings are to be expected by upgrading the LEDs, will, in all probability, undergo standardization. That is mainly the case in outdoor lighting.

    Tools & Services: LEDVANCE System+ guarantee

    Zhaga consortium for LED light engines standardization

    LED fulfills legal requirements

    The EU's ErP regulations (ErP = energy-related products) provide for a gradual phasing out of inefficient light sources. Thus, after inefficient incandescent lamps, high-pressure mercury vapor lamps and inefficient high-pressure sodium vapor lamps are also to be phased out. The LED provides an outstanding alternative to conventional, inefficient light sources. Many municipalities are already committing to innovative street lighting with LED luminaires. The change to LED is also supported by numerous government incentive schemes.

    Background knowledge: EU Directive on Eco-Design (ErP)

    Conclusion: LED – the technology of the future

    LED is the technology of the future. Because of their advantages, LEDs provide great benefit for the user. LED technology, however, also asks for better communication from the industry, in order to demonstrate the advantages of the LED over conventional technologies, precisely because of its greater complexity. The long life and attractive design of LED luminaires and the many possibilities for use make the LED unique and confirm the decision to purchase. LED creates individuality. And that is exactly what the world needs, today and in the future.