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  • LED Reflective cup
    Oct 11, 2018


    There are mainly the following materials:

    1 high temperature resistant PC vacuum aluminum plating

    PC high temperature injection molding, vacuum aluminum plating.

    The light exit angle is 8-90° and the efficiency is up to 30-45°. The reflective cup of this material is very efficient, up to 94%.

    In the high-end export, it is generally required to do the test. For example, the quality of the standard can not have 5 black or bright spots per device body.

    2 temperature resistant high reflective white PC

    PC high temperature injection molding, no need for electroplating, no post processing, low cost.

    The reflector itself transmits light inside, the light is uniform, the reflectivity is as high as 94%, and the light distribution output angle is 60-80°.

    Disadvantages: diffuse is particularly large, some light is not controlled, only a relatively large angle

    3 aluminum spinning

    The production is relatively simple, and the surface of the aluminum foil is anodized or electroplated after spin forming, and the cost is low.

    Disadvantages: There is a risk of short circuit.