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  • LED crystal light How to choose
    Oct 17, 2018

    Crystal clear crystal lamps are increasingly entering the homes of ordinary people. With the development of crystal cutting technology, the ultra-small, modern lines and dreamy colors of crystal lamps will become a highlight of the modern living room space, especially the girl's favorite, crystal clear crystal lamp, Illuminated like a dreamland, the mood will fly.

    So how do you buy a crystal lamp? The following is the purchase method of the crystal lamp provided by the decoration company, I hope to help everyone.

    Keep an eye on the brand logo

    The quality and price of different brands of crystal lamps will vary greatly. Some famous brands guarantee their quality, in order to prevent them from being mixed with the fish, they will be engraved with the brand logo on each crystal surface, as long as you carefully identify them at the time of purchase. In addition, you need to be reminded that some unscrupulous manufacturers still do a good job, some imitation crystal lamps can almost match the appearance of some brand-name lighting, however, it is likely to be "golden jade, ruined", such as Install high-quality lamp beads on the outside of the larger crystal lamp or in a conspicuous place, and shoddy the inside or hidden parts of the lighting. Therefore, when you buy a crystal lamp, you must polish your eyes to pick your heart.

    Pendant specifications are particular

    Whether the specifications of the pendant of the crystal lamp are uniform is significant. The reason why the crystal lamp can shine brightly and dazzlingly, showing the gorgeous and noble temperament, all relying on a string of pendants. If the layers of the pendants are different in size, it will affect the overall beauty of the crystal lamp. Show. Some of the holes in the imitation crystal chandelier pendants are not standard, or there are sharp edges, wear, and different sizes, which not only affects the appearance, but also is very easy to crack. If the pendant of the crystal chandelier falls from the ceiling, it will be against the family. Security poses a threat.