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  • LED crystal light
    Oct 15, 2018

    LED crystal light

    The LED crystal lamp comprises a lamp cover, a base for fixing the lamp cover, a lamp cap at the top end of the base, and a plurality of circuit boards electrically connected to the lamp cap are arranged in the lamp cover; LED particles and crystal are mounted on each circuit board.


    The LED crystal lamp refers to a crystal lamp with LED particles as the main light source. The LED illuminating particles are generally installed in the middle of the water wafer, and are refracted by the water crystal after the illuminating, and the illuminating light can be compared with the ordinary bulb crystal lamp.


    The light source is free from ultraviolet radiation, infrared radiation, etc., and can avoid mercury and other pollutants that are ruptured by the fluorescent tube. The used lamp can be recycled and reused; the LED is dispersed on a separate strip plate, which increases the luminous volume of the light source, and has a beautiful appearance. The cost is low; through the reasonable layout of the strip plate, the limitation of the LED illumination angle is overcome, and the stereoscopic effect is achieved, so that the light of the lamp is fully angled. The utility model can completely replace the traditional tungsten crystal lamp and the energy-saving lamp crystal lamp, and the brightness can be comparable with the energy-saving lamp. The color temperature is easier to control and more energy-saving than the energy-saving lamp, and can completely replace the crystal lamp of other light sources.

    installation method

    1. Disassemble and separate the metal lamp body from the metal hanging plate, balance and tighten the screw rod on the corner of the metal calendar board on the back side and the hole of the metal chassis of the lamp body, and let the 'pull out' action test It can be easily carried out to facilitate the subsequent installation steps; and the metal hanging plate is adjusted to be parallel with the ceiling and diagonally parallel during installation to achieve an aesthetic effect, and must be securely mounted to the ceiling;

    2. All the LED light sources that may be pressed into the interior of the lamp body during the transportation process or during the installation process are topped back to avoid the influence.

    3. Check if the lamp has accessories or screws that need to be installed on the back of the lamp body (usually plexiglass parts, that is, the landlord used to support the glass rod), and ensure that the rest of the ornaments can be temporarily installed. No need to install.

    4. When installing the luminaire, if the luminaire with remote control device is installed, the fire line and the neutral line must be separated, otherwise it will not be energized or burnt easily; when lifting the lamp body to be connected with the metal hanging plate, pay attention to the position of the LED light source, and the LED light source is sunken. Will affect the effect;

    5. When it is safely fixed to the ceiling, turn on the power test to see if it can be energized normally, and then install the remaining parts on the surface of the lamp body according to the steps.

    6, installation tips: If you think the lamp body is relatively large, it is more difficult to wire, you can lengthen the power supply cable of the lamp body, generally lengthened to be able to touch the ground, it will be easy to install a lot, can be installed after loading The power cord is stored inside the lamp body and does not affect the appearance and normal use.