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  • Key differences between SMD & COB LED Technology Lighting Products
    Apr 08, 2018

    SMD (Surface Mounted Diode) LED

    COB (Chip On Board) LED






     SMD LED Street Light


    COB LED Street Light


    Low light intensity/ lumen efficiency

    (50-60 lm per watt)

    High light intensity/ lumen efficiency

    (upto 120 lm per watt)

    Nearly twice than SMD’s


    Are difficult to install & indulge high amount of labor & skilled man power in manufacturing luminaries.

    Are easy to install & hassle free in nature, thus require less labor & man power in manufacturing luminaries.


    require high amount of maintenance

    are almost maintenance free


    they can’t bear high junction temperature

    they can bear high junction temperature


    The slightest of power fluctuations can blow up the SMD’s

    COB’s don’t fuse easily & can survive major power fluctuations


    They get damaged easily & stop working

    They work effectively even after rough handling


    SMD’s radiate more heat as compared to COB’s

    COB’s radiate less heat as compared to SMD’s


    SMD’s are a very expensive source of lighting. Due to high amount of investment in labor & skilled manpower indulgence in manufacturing cost.

    Compared to the SMD LED lights COB LED Lights are economic in nature. As they are easily manufactured, hence decrease manufacturing cost greatly.  (approximately 15-20% cheaper than SMD LED’s) 


    Are usually laid down in circuit, even a single fault in line diffuses all the following LED’s in the fixture.

    COB technology does not requires a circuit. Thus, it is unaffected & totally safe from this defect unlike the SMD’s.


    Arenot very much reliable, the damaged SMD’s leave a spot or dead point in the whole layout fixture. Making it very awful to look.

    Good reliability, the whole COB panel enlightens on receiving power thus no dead bulb and no spot caused unlike the SMD’s.


    SMD LED is fixed on small base PCB. Thus, radiates

    more heat which could not dissipate further easily

    increasing the junction temperature dangerously.

    Thus reducing the luminous efficiency and life span of LED fixture.

    COB LED Lights use flat base aluminum COB packing technology: COB LED is fixed on aluminum layer of

    aluminum base PCB. The heat from chip is spread out

    through aluminum layer rapidly. Thus enabling to

    reduce LED Lights junction temperature, thus

    increasing the luminous efficiency

    and extend life.


    SMD’s emit unidirectional light in a single direction (in form of a straight beam) which makes them in-efficient for general lighting purposes as in flood lighting & street lights.

    COB LED Lights emit out multi-directional light (i.e: uniform light in all directions) unlike the unidirectional lighting of SMD LED’s. Which make them more efficient than the SMD lighting fixtures, .


    Thermal resistances occurring in SMD’s

    Proper thermal management in COB’s


    In SMD LED’s Without optimal thermo management, the following situations may occur-

    Exceeding the permissible junction temperature

    Decrease in optical performance

    Shifting of wavelength

    Changes in brightness and color

    Destruction of an LED

    Whereas, in COB LED’s without optimal thermal management, the following situations as occurring in SMD’s are suppressed.


    Straight & Strong irradiancy (not safe)

    Equable and soft irradiancy (safe)


    Hard glaring and no eye Protection.

    SMD LED Lights proved that led light source is too stimulating to the eye.

    no glaring and proper eye Protection.

    COB LED Lights effectively solved the problem that LED light source is not too stimulating to the eye, paving the road area to large-scale application for road lighting.


    Can’t handle jarring & bumping

    Can handle jarring & bumping


    Highly affected by rain & storm

    Not affected by rain & storm


    Generally IP 57 protection grading provided

    Always above IP 65 protection grading provided