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  • Industrial LED Stack Lights Applications In Manufacturing
    Apr 04, 2018

    In manufacturing sites, LED stack lights promote safety and provide real-time notifications (when equipped with an audible horn) of specific activities or dangers in the area. The unit’s versatile options and compact design makes them ideal for installations over heavy machines, as well as in elevated positions.

    Outside of manufacturing, LED stack lights can be found in maintenance call stations, broadcast studios and CNC machining (just to name a few).

    Color Codes and LED Stack Lights

    LED stack lights typically come in various color combinations and selections, based on the type of signaling required by the business. At a basic level, green LEDs are applied to signal ongoing operations, while red LED work lights are used for emergencies, suggesting operations should be stopped.

    For special requests, such as maintenance or scheduling, a blue LED is deployed. It is important to consider that, in application, businesses may choose their own set of colors and applications for signaling. When setup properly, the units can improve productivity.

    Audio Signaling and Other Features

    These days, industrial LED stack lights are being combined with other signaling devices, including loud horns. This adds another layer of notification, ensuring those who are visually occupied with a task can still receive notifications clearly. LED stack lights with audio horns are commonly utilized for traffic signaling systems in warehouses and industrial sites.

    Machines can also be wired into the LED lighting system, so that a human operator does not need to manually activate the unit. As a result, signaling is faster and more reliable.

    LED stack lights can be designed to suit specific work environments. Explosion proof variants are for locations that handle or are exposed to flammable elements. For food manufacturing facilities, waterproof and corrosion-resistant options are recommended in order to withstand persistent water spray or harsh cleaning chemicals during washdown sessions.