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  • How to Remove the Ballast to Replace a T8 Fluorescent Tube With an LED
    Apr 03, 2018

    Simply place the 15W Magic LED T8 Tube in the former T8 or T12 fluorescent tube position and go! No ballast removal. If you already have an LED replacement tube for your T8 fixture, you’ll have to do a bit of work to replace but it shouldn’t take you more than 10 minutes:

    1. Safety First: Turn off the breaker that powers the fixture or turn off the power at the main panel.

    2. Remove your original T8/T12 fluorescent bulbs. Remember that they contain toxic mercury, be careful when handling to avoid breaking them and make sure you dispose of them safely – they can’t be sent to recycling with your general waste nor to the landfill. You can find a recycling program near you if you’re in BC or Quebec here or in Ontario here.

    3. To remove the ballast, take out the ballast covers, unscrew the piece. Separate the ballast from the fixture wires. Expose the black and white wires (hot/energized and cold/neutral wires). Make sure they’re long enough to reach the socket wires.

    4. Rewire the fixture by connecting the fixture and socket wires together. Follow the LED manufacturer’s instructions on the box. In general all you have to do is twist the wires together on each side with one of the incoming circuit wires from the center.

    5. Install your LEDs as you would a standard fluorescent T8 tube, simply inserting the tube and twisting to lock in place.

    6. Turn the power back on with the circuit breaker and test them out.