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  • How to maintain the high pole lights in the daily
    Oct 13, 2017

    1, check the high pole lighting facilities, all the black metal components (including the poles of the wall) of the hot galvanized corrosion, fasteners anti-loose measures meet the requirements (anti-corrosion quality should be consistent with GB / T9790, GBJ36011 and GB / T11373 The relevant provisions).

    2, check the vertical height of the lighting equipment (must be required in accordance with the provisions of the regular use of theodolite for measurement and testing), the rod slightly to allow the error should be less than 3 ‰ high bar. The straightness error of the poles axis shall not be greater than 2 ‰ of the rod length.

    3, check the poles of the outer surface and the weld is corrosive, for a long service period but can not be replaced, if necessary, the use of ultrasonic, magnetic particle testing and other testing methods for testing and testing of the weld.

    4, check the mechanical strength of the lamp to ensure the safe use of the lamp, for the closed light plate should check its heat situation;

    5, check the fixture bracket fastening bolts, reasonable adjustment of the direction of projection lamps;

    6, carefully check the lamp panel wire (soft cable or cord) use, see whether the wire to withstand excessive mechanical stress, whether there is aging, cracking, exposed, etc., such as the emergence of unsafe phenomena should be dealt with immediately;