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  • How should the lamp pole of the street lamp be selected?
    Oct 13, 2017

    For the choice of street lamps, usually the main choice is the battery panels and batteries, light bulbs for the street should be how to choose light pole?

    1, the requirements of the height of the poles.

    In general, we need to be highly demanding on the poles. To know that different environments we should choose different to tell the poles. For example, in the roadside, we generally choose a certain high light pole, but to the area, of course, most of the scenic area we are using solar lights, because more suitable for wiring. Generally in the scenic street light pole is relatively low.

    2, the requirements of the poles material.

    For example, in the roadside we generally use steel structure, the strength of the poles have a great demand. But generally only need a simple light pole in the area just fine, after all, there will not be a variety of crashes here.

    We in the choice of light pole when the request is to ensure that security can be.