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  • How Important is Right Positioning of Lighting for Wellness & Wellbeing
    Apr 12, 2018

    A fancy and an elegant piece of lighting isn’t enough. Right positioning of lights adds to their worth. Besides promoting productivity and performance, it enhances quality of life.

    Effective positioning also tends to have psychological effects on the occupants. The inhabitants feel good with a sense of calmness and positivity.

    This is a little known fact and perhaps why the lighting location is often ignored.

    Appearance of the area is the prime concern for most which overshadows these important factors.

    According to international energy agency, we must phase out inefficient lighting products as early as possible. That would bring down the energy consumption, elaborating its reach to deprived regions and sectors.

    Identifying the right location for lighting can also help towards making it more efficient. Ill-organized and poor location may lead to overuse of lighting where it is not required.

    Take a look at this wonderful infographic which graphically illustrates how we can induce wellness in our day to day lives with correct positioning of lights.