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  • Differences between LED HighBay and LED Low Bay Fixtures
    Apr 26, 2018

    Some people tend to think that LED High Bay lights and LED low Bay fixtures are similar. This is because both of them are perfect for low mount applications such as gyms, warehouses, food processing plants, hangars as well as assembly areas. They normally use LED source that is a unique kind of lighting and is more intense compared to most of the other light sources. Both of them are commonly used for indoor purposes simply because they emit a bluish white bright light which is more pleasant to our eyes compared to the HID HPS.

    You will see many websites of both LED high bay lights and LED low bay fixtures and therefore you may be confused that they look similar. Some of the suppliers usually show the LED high bay light and LED low bay light together while others either show LED high bay lights or LED low bay lights. Sometimes they are the same lights, because they can use in the same applications without installation height and illumination requirements. However, sometimes they are not similar since there are some differences between them. So, what is the difference between them? It is important to notice the differences between them in order to avoid confusion. The following are some of the differences between the LED High Bay Light Fixtures as well as LED Low Bay Fixtures.

    To start with, they are the same type LED bay lights but the difference comes on the wattage or applications of each. The wattage and application determines whether to call them high bay or low bay. Generally, if the wattage used is above 100 Watts then it is called LED high bay. Those using below 100 Watts are called LED low bay fixtures.

    The LED low bay light fixtures are used in areas where the bottom of the fixture is 20 feet or less above the floor. They are usually 22 to 28 inches so as to spread the light evenly. They also contain optical refractors which cover the lamp thereby reducing glare. Their widespread distribution improves the vertical illumination and also permits spacing as much as 2 or more times the mounting height. In addition to this, they are mounted up to 25 inches if high vertical illumination is needed. Fluorescent fixtures are a great option for low bay lights since they have relative and uniform low lumen package than HID.

    When it comes to LED High bay lighting fixtures, they are mostly used in areas where the bottom of the fixture is 20 feet or more above the floor. They have a 15 to 18 inches open reflector thus allowing for a more concentrated beam spreading with a prominent downward component. High wattage is needed so as to illuminate the space properly.