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  • What are A15, A17, A19, & G50, G60, G70, G80, G100 LED bulb?
    Mar 29, 2018

    Many people have never heard what A15 bulb is until one day he needs to change a new one. There are actually two different types of household LED bulbs: A bulb and G bulb. A bulb is a term mainly prevalent in North America. Many traditional household light sources are designed in this shape. The shape of an A bulb is like an inverted pear, with a long neck. G bulb is a term used in global scale. A G bulb is a totally globe, like a ball.

    A light bulb is generally named by its shape and its size. For example A15, “A” signifies it’s an A bulb. “15” indicates its diameter. To know the exact diameter of an A15 bulb, you need to divide 15 by 8, and the unit is inch. It’s easy to get the diameter of A15 bulb is 1-7/8’’. By this way, you can figure out that A17 is an A bulb with a 2-1/8’’ diameter, A19 is an A bulb with a diameter of 2-3/8’’.

    It’s easier to figure out what G50 is, because its diameter is represented in metric. A G50 is a G bulb with a 50mm diameter. G60 is a G bulb with a 60mm diameter. G70 is a G bulb with a 70mm diameter. G80 is a G bulb with a 80mm diameter. G100 is a G bulb with a 100mm diameter and so on.