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  • Wholesale Custom Coated Glass Concave Convex Lens

    COB 90 degree high bay light led glass lens cover Specification : Model : KL-HB66-90-26 Coating:MgF2 anti-reflection coating Typical efficiency: 99% FWHM: 90° Luminous Surface: with Φ29mm LxWxH: 66x26mm Material:Borosilicate Glass Tolerance:± 0.25mm Working Temp:-50~550℃ Usage: mainly used in...
    Product Details:

     COB 90 degree high bay light led glass lens cover 

    Specification :

     Model : KL-HB66-90-26 

     Coating:MgF2 anti-reflection coating

     Typical efficiency: 99%

     FWHM: 90°

     Luminous Surface: with Φ29mm

    led cob.JPG

     LxWxH: 66x26mm


     Material:Borosilicate Glass

     Tolerance:± 0.25mm

     Working Temp:-50~550℃

     Usage:  mainly used in high bay light


    Light distribution curve


    Assembly instructions

    1. Fix led light source on raditor of led lamps;

    2. Welding the connection line to positive & negative pole of led;

    3. The optical part (glass lens, seal ring,metal frame) is combined and fixed to the radiator, so as to realize the light distribution of the light source.

    Packing & shipping

    PACKING .jpg

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