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  • 3inch Coated Glass Lens

    3inch Coated Glass Lens
    Optical Filter, Glass Borofloat33, Borofloat33 Filter manufacturer / supplier in China, offering 86mm Corning Eagle Xg Color Coated Glass Lens, 0.2mm 5′′ 6′′ 7′′ Glass Wafer Pyrex 7740 Glass Wafer, 1.1mmt Low Roughness Optical Glass Wafer for Detecting Instrument and so on.
    Product Details:

    BOROFLOAT properties:
    1.Exceptionally high transparency
    2.Outstanding thermal resistance
    3.Excellent mechanical strength
    4.Broad range of sizes and thicknesses

    High UV transparency down to 300 nm, greater than 92 % light transmittance in the visible and near IR wavelength range, outstanding clarity, low auto-fluorescence and low solarization are specific characteristics of BOROFLOAT? glass substrates used in many optical fields.

    According to the different applications, we can make:

    1.Biconvex lens

    2.Biconcave lens

    3.Plano-convex lens

    4.Plano-concave lens

    5.convex-concave lens

    6.Meniscus lens

    7.Achromatic lens

    8.Other purpose Optical Lenses 


    Company Information

    WUXI KINGLUX GLASS LENS CO.,LIMITED is a professional research, development, production and marketing of glass lenses optical components manufacturer, we focus on optical field for 30 years. The optical element has spherical lens, aspherical lens, cylindrical lens, free-form surface lens, prism, cone mirror, light pipe, window glass sheet. Shape of optical element has Plano-convex, biconvex lens, Plano-concave, biconcave, meniscus lens, magnifying glass, flat tablets. Raw materials are high-quality optical glass such as Quartz,borosilicate, B270, BK7 etc., mainly used in LED lighting, medical equipment, optical instruments, laser, infrared and other products.


    Tel:  +86 510 82123195

    Fax:  +86 510 84602998

    Email: info@kingluxlens.com

    Add: No.286,Changjiang North Rd,New Dist,Wuxi,JS Prov,China 214026



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